Committee Members

To determine who your committee representatives are, find out which district you vote in by looking at the district map, and align it with the list below.

Chair: Diane Reh

Vice Chair: Norma Vargas

Recording Secretary: Stan Fessant

Corresponding Secretary: Abby Stern Cardinale

Volunteer Liaison: Padraic Millet

Public Service Liaison: Andrea Alexander

Our Parliamentarian is: Flavio Komuves

Our Treasurer is: Jerry Trub

Our general committee email is:

District 1: Diane Reh and Michael Brailove

District 2: Debbie Rainwater and Gary Leslie

District 3: Abby Stern Cardinale and Rob Scott

District 4: Padraic Millet and Angela Hynek

District 5: Owen Susman Wetzel and Miriam Lefkowitz

District 6: Robert Holzapfel and Ashton Burrell

District 7: Michael Klaser and Sara Haber Pixley

District 8: Andrea Alexander and Stan Fessant

District 9: Rena Falk and Norma Vargas

District 10: Lucinda Holt and Laurel Kornfeld

District 11: Nancy Wolf and Randi Sumner

District 12: Melissa Gordeuk and Ricardo Bravo

District 13: Grace Tien and Moriah Nestor-Watt