Policy Positions and Resolutions

June 28, 2023

RESOLVED, that pursuant to Art. XII, Sec. 1, the charge of the Communications Committee is amended to add that, effective immediately, and without prejudice to the Corresponding Secretary’s obligations regarding formal correspondence under Art. IV, Sec. 4(b) of the Bylaws, the Communications Committee or its designee(s), be and is given the sole power to make communications on behalf of the HPDMC through social media platforms.

The foregoing was approved by a majority of the committee present and voting at a duly-called meeting on June 28, 2023 at which a quorum was present.

May 3, 2023

RESOLVED, that HPDMC annual, regular, and special meetings, and its convention, will continue to be by Zoom or equivalent technology. The purpose of this standing rule is to allow for maximum flexibility and as close to full attendance as possible of all committee members at its meetings. This does not apply to petition signings or other gatherings. The standing rule is subject to amendment or repeal by the Committee by motion at any time.

The foregoing was approved by a majority of the committee present and voting at a duly-called meeting on May 3, 2023 at which a quorum was present.

February 5, 2023

RESOLVED that it is the sense of the municipal committee that it is unwise for the Council to use the partisan caucus exception of the Open Public Meetings Act when an effective majority of the Council deliberates or discusses the issue of filling vacancies for borough elective office. The committee takes no position on the legality of such action.

The foregoing was approved by a majority of the committee present and voting at a duly-called meeting on February 5, 2023 at which a quorum was present.

December 3, 2021

Dear Mayor and Council,

At the Democratic Committee meeting on December 1, the Members discussed the proposed Election Day Registration bill before the NJ legislature (A4548/S2824). This bill would increase voter turnout by changing the requirement that a person must register to vote at least 21 days before an election to allowing registration up until an election day. The Committee Members present at the meeting all supported the proposed bill. Therefore, we would like you, the elected governing body of the Borough of Highland Park, to pass a resolution in support of this bill. We understand that it would be sent to our state legislators as well as the local governments of Middlesex County. 

A draft of such a resolution prepared by Flavio Komuves, our Parliamentarian and lawyer expert in election law, is attached and may be of some use.

Thank you for your consideration and for everything else that you do,

Stanley Fessant
Highland Park Democratic Municipal Committee Secretary

WHEREAS, there are pending before the New Jersey Legislature bills Nos. A4548/S2824, which would establish a system of election day voter registration (EDR) in New Jersey, in place of the current deadline of 21 days before the election 1 ; and

WHEREAS, EDR has been proven to increase voter turnout, including among persons of color, while denying EDR rights depresses voter turnout, disproportionately so with regard to persons of color 2 ; and

WHEREAS, the right to vote (which includes the right for eligible persons to register to vote, to cast their ballot, and to have that ballot fairly counted) is recognized in New Jersey as a fundamental constitutional right 3 ; and

WHEREAS, Highland Park is firmly committed to the tutelage and promotion of the right the right to vote in all its forms 4 ; and

WHEREAS, A4548/S2824 would promote the foregoing objectives